Iranian state television aired an image of former president Mohammad Khatami on Tuesday, raising speculation that the media ban on the reformist figure, which the judiciary has decreed a number of times, may have been lifted.

Khatami as MP

Khatami as MP

On Tuesday night, Mohammad Khatami was shown on the state television network in an old recording of a speech he gave in Parliament when he was an MP.

Previously, the head of the Etela’at daily, one of Iran’s prominent newspapers, had published images and an interview with Khatami. The editor in chief was summoned by the special court for the clergy and reprimanded for doing so.

Mahmoud Doayi remained defiant, however, saying he will continue to publish news about Khatami, and he denied the existence of any official orders against doing so.

It is not clear, however, if the recent airing of Khatami’s old speech in Parliament indicates that the alleged media ban order is lifted.

The Islamic Republic establishment has made every effort to completely sideline Khatami ever since the 2009 elections, when widespread reformist support was reflected in mass protests across the country.