Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei says Iran’s enemies will use every strategy to attack Iran including ”dialogue, trade, sanctions and military threats” and he added that Iran should be prepared to respond in kind.


In a speech on Wednesday March 30, Ayatollah Khamenei stressed that “military might” was of vital importance to the country, otherwise even the smallest countries would pose a threat.

He criticized those who have said the world of tomorrow is the world of dialogue and not rockets, saying: ‘Those who say this out of gullibility should be warned but those who say it purposefully are traitors.”

The enemy is consistently enhancing its own military might, he said, adding: “How could we then under such conditions say rockets are a thing of the past?”

The statement come after Iran’s Revolutionary Guards tested two rockets, which four Western countries have challenged as a violation of a UN resolution. The U.S., UK, France and Germany have called on the UN to take a stance against Iran’s rocket testing. They maintain that the rockets have the capacity to transport nuclear heads.