Iranian political prisoners Mostafa Azizi and Payam Bastani Parizi were released on Saturday April 3 after a receiving a “pardon from the Leader”, according to HRANA.

Mostafa Azizi

Mostafa Azizi

Mosatafa Azizi was sentenced last June to eight years in jail for “assembly and collusion against national security, propaganda against the regime and insulting the leader”.

The sentence was later reduced to three years and a fine in the appeals process.

Azizi, a 53-year-old television producer, was arrested in 2015 when he returned for a visit to Iran from Canada, where he had been residing since 2010.

Payam Bastani Parizi, 26, was sentenced to two years in jail and 30 lashes for insulting the Imam, the leader and the president”.

He was released after suffering the 30 lashes.