Former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami issued a statement following the widespread success of reformists in the parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections, saying the people have expressed their support for the policies of the Rohani administration, and he called for the implementation of reformist policies.

Mohammad Khatami

Mohammad Khatami

In a statement on Monday February 29, Khatami said the people’s votes “carried the message that the people want security, progress and a stable system.”

He said the elections “achieved the consolidation of the forces that want to reform the country’s affairs.”

He went on to urge the elected candidates to work hard to provide for the people’s demands “for prosperity and improvement in the people’s livelihoods and creating a healthy political space.”

Mohammad Khatami is under a media ban by the Islamic Republic authorities for his involvement in the election protests of 2009. However, he rallied people to vote in a video message before the elections.