Iranian Culture Minister Ali Jannati is traveling to Saudi Arabia to review the recent incident in Mena that led to the death of hundreds of pilgrims including more than 100 Iranians.


On Thursday September 23 in Mena, outside of Mecca, where the pilgrims carry out the stoning of the devil ritual, large crowds turned into a stampede that killed hundreds and injured many more.

Saudi authorities say 700 were killed in the incident. Iranian authorities say 136 Iranian pilgrims were killed, 103 injured and 344 still remain missing.

An emergency committee was ordered by Iranian President Hassan Rohani, which has decided that Ali Jannati will travel to Saudi Arabia to investigate the matter.

Iran has told the Saudi government that the provision of security and protection for the pilgrims is the responsibility of the Saudi government and it must be held accountable for the incident.

Ali Jannati will be accompanied by the foreign minister’s consular deputy and the head of Iran’s Red Crescent.