Iranian media report that painting and sculpture are being eliminated from the programs of schools of fine arts in Iran.

In a letter published in the Shargh daily, the head of Tehran Culture and Guidance has written to the head of the Ministry of Education’s Arts Education and Development section about the elimination of painting from arts high schools.


The ministry had said earlier, however, that the changes are not aimed at eliminating any discipline but rather at updating the subjects and content of these disciplines.

However, the changes have resulted in the elimination of carving, mosaic and pottery from handcrafts; a transformation of architecture to interior design and the elimination of art from the foundations of education.

Currently, 1,200 students are studying painting at the high school level, and the Iranian art community has expressed serious reservations about the proposed changes.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei previously has said that the country’s education system is not a product of the country’s own thinking, philosophy and programs.

Ayatollah Khamenei’s previous statements against the teaching of the humanities in universities and his warning about these courses working as catalysts for unrest in society led to widespread changes in the teaching of the humanities and the removal of many professors from these faculties.