Iranian reformist MP Mohammadreza Tabesh has announced that the reformist and moderate MPs who won seats in the first round of elections are to meet for the first time since then.

Hope List

Hope List

The reformists had published a list of candidates they endorsed, referred to as the Omid List (Hope List). Most of these candidates, especially the ones in Tehran, won in their ridings.

Tabesh reported that the group will meet on Saturday April 30 and will begin discussing the establishment of the Hope Faction within Parliament.

One hundred and fifty MPs will reportedly attend the first meeting, Mohammadreza Aref, a prominent reformist figure and the candidate with the highest number of votes in Tehran, will give the opening address.

Tabesh said many topics with be on their agenda, including “people’s fundamental rights, civil and constitutional rights, parliamentary rules of procedure” as well as “resistance economy, environmental issues, the energy crisis and the nuclear agreement”.