Reformist members of the Iranian clergy met with senior members of the Guardian Council to discuss the parliamentary elections set for March.

Guardian Council

Reformist MP Mohammadreza Tabesh told the Fars News Agency that the Guardian Council has “reassured us that their actions will be unbiased and not swayed by political influences.”

Tabesh refrained from naming the reformists who accompanied him to the meeting with the council.

He added that the reformist factions are focused on maintaining lines of communication to clear all doubts in the minds of clergy members and legal experts regarding the Guardian Council and to achieve maximum public participation in the elections.

The reformists have often accused the Guardian Council of favouring conservative nominees as it determines the eligibility of candidates.

Ayatollah Jannati, the head of the Guardian Council and a prominent hardliner in Islamic Republic politics, has often stressed that the council will not allow opponents of the supreme leadership system to enter Parliament. He has also said he supports offering top government offices to “the families of Hezbollah members, revolutionaries and pious individuals.”

Iran’s next parliamentary elections will take place in March, and the conservative factions have shown concern that reformists with their conciliatory policies are trying to take control of Parliament.