The Guardian Council has once again rejected a bill to support volunteer hijab enforcers, saying it contravenes the constitution and needs to be reviewed by Parliament.


The council had previously sent the bill back to Parliament for similar shortcomings.

The hijab enforcers are volunteers organized by mosques to patrol public spaces and make sure everyone is wearing appropriate hijab. Since they are a volunteer group, they do not have legal authority to confront or arrest the individuals they deem to be in violation of hijab criteria.

Hardliners in Parliament have been trying to pass a bill to give these volunteer enforcers the legal authority and government support to go further in their actions. The Guardian Council has said, however, that the bill contravenes the constitution because the enforcers’ actions interfere with the area of responsibility of other government bodies and organizations.

The second rejection of the bill indicates that, according to the Guardian Council, it still presents the same problems.