Turkish air strikes targeting Kurdish group PPK bases in northern Iraq have left 55 dead.


Reuters reports that Turkish fighter jets bombed a base in Diyarbekr regarded as a PKK base on the night of Friday September 19.

Since the breakdown of talks between the Turkish government and the PKK and the beginning of Turkish air strikes, the Turkish Prime minister has ordered consistent bombing of PKK targets and recently said he will continue fighting against the PKK “until the last terrorist is wiped out”. The Turkish government considers the PKK an illegal terrorist group.

On Saturday September 19, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued a call to the “Turkish People” to join the “great and historical anti-terror” gathering in Istanbul on Sunday. The government has organized a gathering in Istanbul entitled “millions with one voice against terrorism” in Yeni Kapi on September 20.

Meanwhile, an anti-government demonstration last week in Ankara organized by leftist groups under the banner of “peace” was stopped by Turkish Police.