Gilan’s concrete parts factory has temporarily shut down due to financial woes leaving 170 workers out of a job.


ILNA reported on Friday April 22 that the factory has reportedly closed down due to a shortage of primary materials and financial problems leaving 170 workers without a job and without their new year bonuses from the beginning of the Iranian calendar year on March 20.

The factory is located 12 km from the city of Rasht and produces prefabricated canals, pipes and concrete blocks.

The workers have filed grievances with the ministry of labour and also report that 15 workers have voluntarily left their jobs due to the company’s precarious payroll practices.

The workers were told that the factory would be closed for a month starting March 20 but upon return to the factory on April 20 they were told that only 15 workers who are responsible for maintenance of the machinery would be allowed to enter.

Factory closures has become a common occurrence in Iran in recent years and the economy has shown little sign of bouncing from recession.