The head of Replenishment Efforts for Lake Urmia says government efforts are being stalled by various executive offices.


Issa Kalantari said on Sunday March 6 that the regional offices are not showing the necessary cooperation and he called for “more determination and firm participation by regional organizations”.

Kalantari reported that with the cooperation of the Ministry of Power and Water Management office, they have managed to provide 440 million cubic metres of water saved from agricultural activities and drawn from dam surpluses to replenish Lake Urmia.

Iran’s largest inland lake has been under serious threat of completely drying out in recent years.

Continued drought conditions as well as the construction of unregulated dams have been identified as the major causes of the lake’s drying out.

The Rohani administration established a replenishment committee two years ago to save the lake.

The disappearance of the lake would have devastating effects on the region’s environment.