A helicopter has crashed in the north of Tehran, killing three people on board. It has not been confirmed which government body was in charge of the helicopter.

ISNA reported that on Thursday afternoon, a helicopter crashed in the Darband neighbourhood of Tehran, leaving three dead.

The Fars News Agency reports that the helicopter belonged to the ministry of defence and the three casualties were army members. However, other sources have said it belonged to a private manufacturing company. The cause of the crash has not yet been announced.

A Red Crescent spokesman in the area reported that the helicopter caught fire upon crashing and that they are still trying to determine the number of dead.

Residents of Passe Ghaleh township report there was snow and fog at the time of the helicopter’s sighting. The residents rushed to the crash site and fought the fire until Red Crescent and Fire Rescue workers arrived on the scene.

The report indicates that the body of the helicopter is severely burned, making it hard to identify.