The head of Iran’s Atomic Agency says it will take about two months to implement Iran’s obligations under the nuclear deal reached in Vienna, and the process will be initiated by an order of the president.

Ali Akbar Salehi

Ali Akbar Salehi

IRNA reported on Tuesday October 13 that Ali Akbar Salehi expressed hope that by next week, the Guardian Council will have approved the draft of the nuclear deal following its approval by Parliament this week.

The draft of the agreement reached last July between Iran and the 5+1 was finally approved by Iranian Parliament in a highly contentious session.

Salehi added that Parliament’s approval of the deal is a formal indication that parties have accepted the terms of the deal, adding that the remaining procedures are routine and there will be no need to get any further approval.

The Guardian Council, Iran’s constitutional watchdog, will review the draft on Wednesday or Thursday.

Salehi said international sanctions against Iran will be removed on the day Iran implements its obligations pursuant to the deal.

He went on to say that implementation of those obligations will take about two months.

He also added that the road plan signed between Iran and the IAEA is proceeding as planned, and once the president is assured that the road plan has been fully satisfied, he will issue the order to implement Iran’s obligations under the nuclear deal.