The Russian foreign minister says Russia will hand over evidence of Turkey’s oil dealings with ISIS to the United Nations and other countries interested in the matter.

Sergey Lavrov

Sergey Lavrov

Sputnik reports that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Wednesday December 2, during a visit to Serbia, that his country has said on many occasions that the oil being produced in the ISIS-occupied regions of Syria and Iraq is being sold through Turkey.

He added that the proof of his statements will be formally handed over to the United Nations and other countries.

On Tuesday December 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin also said that Turkey has oil dealings with ISIS and he linked the recent downing of a Russian jet fighter to Turkey’s oil trade with the extremist group.

Turkey has adamantly denied the allegations, and the Turkish president has stated that if such accusations are proven, he will resign.

Yesterday, meanwhile, Iranian MP Laleh Eftekhari wrote a letter to Amineh Erdogan, the wife of the Turkish president, to criticize her failure to condemn her son’s close relations with senior ISIS figures. The letter comes as a reaction to a number of photos published in Iranian and Russian media showing Belal Erdogan with ISIS figures.