Iranian President Hassan Rohani has called for the easing of public access to the internet and social media.


The Mehr News Agency reports that Rohani told a meeting of the Supreme Council of Virtual Space: “Facilitating public access to virtual space and social media should be a priority, even as we resist the misuse of this information exchange.”
He added that “the optimal use of communication opportunities in addition to economic advantages can also ensure equitable access to information and electronic service while also reducing corruption in the bureaucratic system and even facilitating the improvement of traffic and protection of the environment.

Rohani is one of the members of the Supreme Council of Virtual Space, which has issued an order to block access to social media apps such as Tango and WhatsApp. Rohani has been advocating for free access to social media, but hardliners on the council have shown formidable resistance.

Iranians continue to access these apps and social media sites using proxies.