Hassan Rohani says “dynamic” participation in the elections will not only affect Iranians, it will also have an impact on “the region and the world and their view of what’s happening in the world” once more promoting his view of resolving differences through the ballot box.

Hassan Rohani

Hassan Rohani

The Fars News Agency reported on Saturday February 13 that Rohani spoke at the annual meeting of the Central Bank, saying: “In circumstances where we are witnessing war and bloodshed across the region, people opting to come to the ballot boxes becomes more important, remarkable and effective.”

He stressed that the people need to take care to make the right choice from among the candidates and vote for “the most qualified ones”.

Reformist candidates and those supportive of the Rohani administration’s political views have been largely disqualified by the Guardian Council. However, the Rohani and reformist camps have said that they will not boycott the elections and instead will endorse candidates closest to their views.

The elections will be held on February 26.