Unofficial results of the second round of parliamentary elections indicate that reformists are once more leading in most ridings. Four women, two independents and two reformists, in Shahreza, Borojen, Shabestar and Tabirz have won seats in parliament.


Elections Office announced that the counting has ended and the official announcement of the result will be done after the spuervisroy committees have approved the count.

The interior ministry has announced that the final results will be announced by 8 am local time.

According to unofficial results published in Fars and Tasnim News Agencies which are linked to the Revolutionary Guards, on the early hours of Saturday out of 49 ridings, 23 reformists, 12 conservatives and 14 independents and moderates were victorious in their ridings.

In Mamasani and Ardebil reportedly violence broke out in the process of the elections. In Mamasani four people were injured in a shooting and 25 people arrested. The reformist candidate won in that riding.

In Parsabad, Ardebil some verbal conflicts issued at the poles. According to Tasnim an independent candidate won in that riding.