Miners from the Western Alborz Coal Mine went into their second day of protests in front of the offices of the Organization for the Preparation and Production of Minerals.


ILNA quoted one of the miners on Tuesday, saying they are staging a sit-in in front of the Preparations and Production building, which is a branch of the Ministry of Industry.

The miner reports that more of his colleagues travelled to Tehran the previous night to join the protest.

The 128 miners are seeking to retire in accordance with the regulations granted to workers in “difficult and hazardous jobs”, but their retirement is being stalled because the Organization for the Preparation and Production of Minerals, as their employer, failed to pay the proper premiums to the Social Security Fund.

The report adds that it is now eleven months since they should have been found eligible for retirement, and the passage of time without any adequate response has increased their concerns.

The spokesman for the minister stressed that they will not return to their homes until they have received a convincing response.