For the first time, a woman has registered to run for the Assembly of Experts.

Esmat Savadi

Esmat Savadi

ISNA reported on Thursday December 17 that Esmat Savadi, a seminary and university professor, registered her name as a nominee for the Assembly Experts at a Tehran elections office on the first day of nominee registrations.

The report adds that Savadi has a PhD in Islamic Jurisprudence from Mashhad Open University and she has served as director of the Basij professors scientific research unit at Open Islamic University.

Previously, the question of women nominating themselves for the presidential role was controversial, and some people interpret the constitution as limiting that role to men, while others claim the interpretation is wrong. In any event, so far no woman candidate has ever been approved by the Guardian Council to run for the presidency.

The laws regarding the election of Assembly of Experts members do not limit the role to men. The criteria for nomination as a candidate only include extensive knowledge of Islamic jurisprudence and current and social affairs as well as a clean criminal record.

Esmat Savadi’s nomination must still be approved by the Guardian Council before she can run a campaign.

The election for the Assembly of Experts is slated for March 2016.