Iranian MPs have voted to keep fast-tracking the review of a bill that would offer Iranian citizenship to the children of Iranian mothers and foreign national fathers.


A motion to delay the review went to a vote today, which means the bill is set to be reviewed and put to a vote when the next session of Parliament begins.

Isfahan representative Hassan Kamran told Khaneh Mellat News Agency that with the March parliamentary elections looming, the bill must be reviewed and processed as soon as possible to avoid being caught in red tape.

Critics of rushing the bill say more time is needed for review and consideration.
Children born to Iranian mothers and non-Iranian fathers are not considered Iranian citizens and do not receive Iranian birth certificates. Those who live in Iran face obstacles in education and employment. Those outside of Iran need to clear certain hurdles to visit Iran.

Many of these children are born to Iranian mothers and Iraqi or Afghan men in Iran who cannot obtain Iranian citizenship and enjoy the right it entails.