The latest album of music by Majid Derakhshani, titled Khoroosh (roar), has been denied distribution, with the security department of the Ministry of Guidance stating that the prominent musician is banned from working.

Mah Banoo

Mah Banoo

The album contains Majid Derakhshani’s music sung by Mojtaba Asgari, and after over two years of red tape, it has been denied distribution by the ministry.

The ministry has informed Derakhshani that he is banned from musical activity for his collaboration with the Mah Banu music group.

Last December, Majid Derakhshani was banned from travelling abroad for collaborating with Mah Banu, and the musicians and singer from Mah Banu have been summoned by security forces on several occasions in the past year.

Derakhshani said at the time that he was not directly informed of the reasons for being banned from travelling abroad, but the summonses and former explanations have convinced him that “the presence of women in Mah Banu and the widespread video clips of their music” is at the heart of the restrictions imposed against him.

Derakhshani says he has been interrogated about the use of female singers in his music but insists that the courts have acquitted him of any charges in this regard. He says, therefore, that the ban on his music activities is unfounded.