Iranian authorities have denied a hospital stay to one of the longest-serving prisoners in the country.

Mohammad Nazari

Mohammad Nazari

Mohammad Nazari, a 44-year-old political prisoner who has been in prison for over 22 years, was taken to hospital for chest pains and heart complication but was prevented from being hospitalized despite the recommendations of the attending physician.

Nazari was sentenced to life in prison by a Mahabad court, and his request for parole or furlough for medical reasons has remained unanswered by the court.

Nazari is charged with collaborating with the Kurdistan Democratic Party, which the Islamic Republic regards as an outlawed organization.

In a letter in 2012, Nazari maintained that his file was reviewed by the Prosecutor General’s office and he was given a pardon and order for release, but at the eleventh hour, the Ministry of Intelligence prevented his release.

At the time, he sewed his lips together and went on a hunger strike, asking for another review of his case, but his efforts were not successful in securing his release.

He reportedly has been asked to sign a letter of repentance that condemns the opposition parties, which he has refused.