The head of Road Transportation in Iran has announced that following an attack on an Iranian transport truck in Turkey on the night of Tuesday August 11, the Bazargan border between Iran and Turkey has been closed.

Bazargan Border

Bazargan Border

The report adds that the driver of the truck was not harmed but his truck and cargo were burned. The truck was reportedly on a return trip from Georgia to Iran.

Iranian truck drivers have been told to cancel all trips to Turkey because the border will remain closed until security has been established.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that although Turkey has closed the Bazargan border, Iran is keeping the border open to traffic from Turkey.

Land transportation between Iran and Turkey has been interrupted on several occasions in recent weeks with mines disrupting the TransAsia trains on two occasions and an Iranian tourist bus being attacked by armed assailants.

Turkish authorities have laid the blame on the Kurdish group PKK, but so far the group has not laid claim to any attacks.

Iranian tourism officials have also issued warnings to travel agencies against organizing further land trips to Turkey.

Turkey has begun widespread bombing of PKK bases, ending all peace efforts between the government and the Kurdish group.