The mother of detained journalist Bahman Darolshafayi has written to Iranian President Hassan Rohani to plead her son’s case and demand his release.

Bahman Darolshafayi

Bahman Darolshafayi

Safoura Tofangchiha writes that Rohani is responsible for the votes he received in the election.

She adds that the public did not vote for him only to remove the sanctions, although she writes their removal is highly appreciated.

She writes: “We voted for you to maintain hope; to reduce oppression, get greater respect for human dignity, to not have our young go away but to stay and build Iran.”

Darolshafayi was arrested last week at his home. He returned to Iran from the UK two years ago and had been working as an editor and translator in Iran.

Darolshafayi has worked with the Hamshahri, Shargh and Etemad Melli dailies as well as Chelcheragh magazine and the Persian BBC.

Darolshafayi has contacted his home once since he was arrested and indicated that he is not clear as to the charges against him.