Mahmoud Alizadeh Taheri, the founder and proponent of a form of alternative medicine referred to as Faradarmani who has been jailed for over five years, will have to remain in jail, according to his lawyer.

Mahmoud Taheri

Mahmoud Taheri

Taheri had received a death sentence which was overturned in the Supreme Court. His lawyer reports that he has now served his five-year sentence and should be released.

He told the Tasnim News Agency on Friday May 13 that his client’s arrest warrant has been renewed.

The Human Rights Activists News Agency reports that a gathering of Taheri’s supporters in front of the Dena Tyre Store was swarmed by police and many were arrested.

Taheri was originally charged with “blasphemy, illegal medical intervention and treatment, and the unlawful touching of strangers, unauthorized use of academic titles (doctor of engineering), and publishing false work” and sentenced to five years in addition to 900 million toumans in fines and 74 lashes.