Italian President Matteo Renzi arrived in Tehran with a delegation of 250 people on Tuesday April 12 to promote bilateral relations with Iran, signing seven cooperation agreements on the day of his arrival.

Renzi and Rohani in Tehran

Renzi and Rohani in Tehran

The Iranian president received Renzi at SaadAbad together with his Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade Moahhmadreza Nematzadeh.

The trip follows up on President Rohani’s visit to Italy to expand Iran’s international trade relations following the removal of international sanctions on Iran.

The Italian president is accompanied by his Minister of Education, deputy minister representatives of the Sace Export Credit Agency, the Eni oil company, the employers’ association Confindustria, I.C.E. the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade and various other companies, as well as senior managers of major Italian banks.

The agreements entail cooperation in tourism, industry, renewable energy, transportation, the gas industry and exhibitions.

Italy is aiming to re-establish the seven-billion-euro trade relationship it had with Iran in 2010.

After Germany, Italy is Iran’s second-largest trade partner in Europe.

The Italian president’s trip to Tehran comes three months after President Rohani and his 120 delegates paid a visit to Italy, during which 17 trade agreements were signed regarding air and land transport, health, agriculture and energy.

An agreement for the purchase of 20 small passenger planes from the Italian automotive company APR was also signed on that trip.