Hila Sedighi, an Iranian poet, painter and activist, was arrested at Imam Khomeini Airport on Thursday January 8.

Hila Sedighi

Hila Sedighi

The Kaleme website reports that Sedighi was arrested upon arrival in Tehran.

The report indicates that Sedighi had been tried in absentia for charges laid by the media court and was given a sentence.

Sedghi was a founder of the Cultural Association of Neyestan and the youngest Secretary of Iran’s Cultural Literary Association.

In 2009, Seddighi supported MirHosein Mousavi in the presidential election and was active in his campaign.

Her home was raided in December of 2010 and she was arrested and interrogated for over a month. She was also briefly arrested in 2011 and then released on bail. She was sentenced to four months in jail, which was suspended for four years.

In 2012, Hila Sedighi won the Hellman-Hammet human rights prize for freedom of speech.