The deputy head of Iran’s Ministry of Science says students have the right to appeal an expulsion.


Seyyed Zia Hashemi said on Sunday December 27 in an interview with IRNA that according to Chapter Six of the Charter of Students’ Rights, a student has the right to be informed of the charge, to due process in a fair hearing, to defend themselves, to be informed of the final decision and to appeal that decision.

Citing the regulations of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, Hashemi said that “individuals who have been known for corruption, are against the Islamic Revolution and the regime or are evidently addicted to drugs are not allowed to enter university or continue their education.”

He said the administration has reviewed the cases of expelled students, and any whose charges did not meet the given definition were returned to their classes.

He stressed that any student has the right to appeal the expulsion decision, and their case will be reconsidered with the utmost care and fairness.

Many students in the past two decades have been denied pursuing higher education because of political and social activities.