Top Iranian nuclear negotiator Hamid Baeedinejad told reporters in Lausanne that the Islamic Republic wants an agreement that will guarantee the fundamental rights of its people and the negotiations will continue until this guarantee is achieved.

Hamid Baeedinejad

Hamid Baeedinejad

Baeedinejad was quoted as saying that they are in the final stages of negotiations and are trying to find solutions to a number of issues regarding sanctions and nuclear research and enrichment.

According to ISNA BAidinejad described how all foreign ministers have clocked long hours and spent sleepless nights because they are all aware of the historical importance of the negotiations.

“We have repeatedly announced that we are not looking for an agreement for the sake of agreement; an agreement has to guarantee the fundamental rights of the Iranian people and if this guarantee is not reached, the negotiations have to continue,” Baidinejad said.

He added that some solutions to the contentious issues have been suggested and they need to be molded to fit a final agreement acceptable to both sides.

He stressed that the negotiations will end when the final solutions are achieved.

He also added that the issue of sanctions has been resolved but certain issues related to them are still being discussed.

Reuters reports that a statement from the U.S. State Department has indicated that they have “made enough progress in the last days to merit staying until Wednesday”, adding that: “There are several difficult issues still remaining.”

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has made a similar statement, saying: “We are moving forward, but it’s complicated.”