Iran’s Supreme Leader has spoken with Tehran seminarians and warned them to be on the lookout against “reactionary Islam” and “American-style Islam” as opposed to the “real Islam”.


ILNA reports that on Saturday May 14, Ayatollah Khamenei told Tehran seminarians that virtual space has resulted in an “increase in religious doubt”.

He stressed that there are strong political incentives for “injecting the minds of our young with deviatory ideas” and added that “this is the real field of battle, and our clergy members and seminarians should be armed and ready to face misguided and deviatory thoughts and doubts.”

He described “reactionary Islam” as misguided and added “the other edge of these scissors cutting away at the real Islam is the eclectic or American-style Islam.”

In the aftermath of the nuclear agreement between Iran and the 5+1, Iran’s Supreme Leader has become very vocal in attacking the U.S., despite efforts by the Rohani administration to normalize relations with the West.