Iran’s foreign ministry says the Israeli prime minister’s speech in the U.S. Congress was “full of fabrications, repetitive and very tedious”.

Marzieh Afkham

Marzieh Afkham

Marzieh Afkham, the spokeswoman for the Iranian foreign ministry, said Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech reveals the “weakness and isolation of radical groups”.

Netanyahu’s speech was marked by repeated references to Iran as an enemy of the U.S. and calls for the superpower to confront Iran “as an enemy of America”.

Netanyahu insisted that a nuclear deal with Iran will not stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Iran has said on several occasions that it is not interested in building nuclear weapons and its nuclear program is aimed at the peaceful production of power.

Afkham accused Netanyahu of deceit and using the opportunity to speak at the U.S. Congress to forward his own election campaign and his extremist agenda.

“With the continuation of the negotiations and Iran’s determination to eliminate this fabricated crisis, the policy of Iran-phobia is in trouble and the perpetrators of this false propaganda and designers of this fabricated crisis are up at arms,” Afkham said.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif had said on CNN, prior to Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech in U.S. Congress, that the Israeli Prime Minister would make every effort to derail the nuclear negotiations and cause as much tension as possible.

U.S. President Barack Obama also reacted to Netayahu’s speech, saying he has said nothing new and offered no alternative to the current negotiations.

The nuclear talks between Iran and the 5+1 are continuing in Geneva.