The Iranian foreign minister says Saudi Arabia “must stop” acting against Iranian efforts to reduce tensions in the region.

Ibrahim Jafari and Mohammad Javad Zarif

Ibrahim Jafari and Mohammad Javad Zarif

Mohammad Javad Zarif said in a meeting with Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Jafari in Tehran on Wednesday January 6: “For the past two and a half years, Saudi Arabia has opposed Iran’s diplomacy.”

“They opposed the nuclear agreement, in line with the Zionist regime,” Zarif said, referring to Israel’s opposition to the deal between Iran and the 5+1.

Saudi Arabia cut diplomatic ties with Iran after its embassy in Tehran was attacked by protesters. The incident followed outrage in Iran, Iraq and other countries over the Saudi execution of Sheikh Al-Nimr, a Shia activist critical of the Saudi government.

Zarif stressed that he along with “all Iranian officials” condemns the attack on the Saudi embassy. Iranian police have announced that 40 people have been arrested in connection with the Saudi embassy attack.

Zarif added that Iran has high regards for the Arab world including Saudi Arabia as “a vital part of the global Islamic Community” and wishes to maintain constructive relations with them.