The Iranian government has banned the entry of all Saudi goods into Iran including the free-trade zones of the country.

Rohani cabinet meeting

Rohani cabinet meeting

At a special meeting of the ministers headed by President Rohani on Thursday January 6, the government issued an order prohibiting the entry of Saudi goods and also continuing the suspension of all pilgrimage trips to Saudi Arabia.

Those trips had already been under suspension ever since two Iranian pilgrims were reportedly assaulted by Saudi airport guards in Jeddah last March.

The ban on Saudi goods follows rising tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia over the execution of Saudi Shia Cleric Sheikh Aal-Nimr in Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia has severed all diplomatic ties with Iran over the attack on its embassy in Tehran following protests triggered by the execution.

On Thursday, Iran also accused Saudi Arabia of bombing the Iranian embassy in Sanaa, Yemen’s capital.