Iran’s Ministry of Interior announced on Monday August 31 that the Union of Islamic Nation of Iran does not have the necessary permit to begin political activities.

Hossein Ali Amiri

Hossein Ali Amiri

Mehr News Agency reported on Monday that Hossein Ali Amiri, a spokesman for the interior ministry said: “The procedure is such that the Article 10 Commission issues a permit to establish the party. However this permit is only sufficient to form the party. The permit to begin political activities has to be then issued by the ministry of interior.”

He then added that while the commission has issued a permit for the Union of Islamic Nation of Iran, the ministry has not issued its permit yet.

The new reformist party obtained a permit for its establishment in April. However conservative factions of the Islamic Republic have been fiercely against the establishment of this party as they regard it a front for the reactivation of the outlawed party Islamic Iran Participation Front.

The new party elected Ali Shakourirad as its leader on August 20 in its first congress and also elected the 30 executive members to run the party activities.

Shakourirad said in a press conference on Monday that the party will not halt its activities adding however that they have learned to negotiate and collaborate with all factions of the system.

“We are party based on the provisions of the law and will comply with all legal requirements; we regard ourselves and our party as guardians of all the components of the regime,” Shakourirad said today.