Iran’s nuclear negotiating team “crossed the red lines set by the Supreme Leader”, hardliner Ahmad Alam-ol-Hoda told Mashhad worshippers at the Friday Mass Prayers on Friday August 7.

Ahmad Alam-ol-Hoda

Ahmad Alam-ol-Hoda

The Mashhad Friday Mass Imam said MPs have to be accountable to the public for every vote they received and must rule on whether the Supreme Leader’s red lines were transgressed.

He added that while the principles put forth by the Leader were indeed violated by this agreement, if the representatives decide that refusing the deal would be costly for the country, or that approving it would harm the people, that is up to them, and they will be held responsible for any decision they make.

Ayatollah Khamenei listed a number of red lines in March that, according to him, needed to be observed by the Iranian negotiating team at the table. He stated that “sanctions must be eliminated at the time of the execution of the agreement”; “Inspection should not be used as an excuse to infiltrate the country’s security and defence space”, “monitoring should only be at the level of common standards used all over the world” and “scientific and technological development in various aspects should continue”.

Alam-ol-Hoda said while the Iranian team has taken great pains to achieve this agreement, it has unfortunately transgressed the red lines established by the leader.

Despite disagreement on whether Parliament needs to review the nuclear deal, Parliament’s national security commission is in the process of reviewing the agreement draft.