A Tehran appeals court has upheld a three-year prison sentence for teacher activist Rasoul Bodaghi.

Rasoul Bodaghi

Rasoul Bodaghi

The Human Rights Activists News Agency reports that while Bodaghi’s original jail term would have been served by July of this year, he was slapped with new charges and tried last September.

Bodaghi was charged with “acting against national security” and sentenced to three years in prison. Bodaghi’s appeal of the sentence was unsuccessful and he will now have to serve another three years.

Badaghi is a member of the executive board of the Iranian Teachers’ Association and a teacher at Eslamshahr high school. He was arrested following the 2009 election protests and sentenced to six years in jail, which he would have served out by this summer.

Bodaghi was held in solitary confinement in section 2A of Evin Prison during the investigation and interrogation of the second set of charges against him.

Teachers all across Iran have ben protesting their low wages and demanding that their pay be brought in line with that of other public employees.