Former Press TV newscaster Sheena Shirani has filed a formal complaint against network producer Mohsen Emadi for allegedly subjecting her to sexual harassment in the workplace.

Sheena Shirani

Sheena Shirani

Shirani had earlier released an audio recording of an incident that captured the harassment. She has now announced that she has filed an official complaint to pursue the matter in court.

On her Facebook page, Shirani wrote about the prevalence of sexual harassment in the workplace for women and stressed the need for women to take a stand so it won’t be so commonly accepted.

Sexual harassment in the workplace has not been specifically identified in Iranian jurisprudence; however, it is possible to file criminal complaints against an abusive person and demand criminal proceedings against the accused.

There are also provisions in employment law that provide support for any person who has been fired for refusing the sexual advances of a superior.

The Social and Political Activists Centre has issued a call for people who need legal advice on sexual harassment to seek its services.