Atena Daemi, an Iranian political activist who has been in Evin Prison’s women’s ward for over a year, was released today on bail of 700 million toumans.

Atena Daemi

Atena Daemi

The Kaleme website reports that 27-year-old Daemi was released on Monday February 15.

She was arrested in September of 2013 by Revolutionary Guards officials and held in solitary for a long period of interrogations, after which she was transferred to Evin Prison women’s ward.

Daemi was tried for charges of “propaganda against the regime, acting against national security, blasphemy, insulting the leader and concealing criminal evidence” and was sentenced to seven years in jail. She is now awaiting the outcome of her appeal.

The evidence of insulting the leader is reportedly based on jokes and music found on her mobile phone, and the charge of “concealment of criminal evidence” is based on her response that she did not remember the password to her friend’s Facebook page.