The Isfahan governor has confirmed the disqualification of Minoo Khaleghi, the third candidate elected from Isfahan in the parliamentary election of February 26. He also reported that the candidate has filed an appeal of the decision.

Minoo Khaleghi

Minoo Khaleghi

Rasoul Zargarpour said on Wednesday March 23 that the other four top candidates have been confirmed by the Guardian Council and will represent Isfahan in the next Parliament.

The candidate ranked as the third-highest winner of votes in Isfahan is Minoo Khaleghi, a female candidate endorsed by the reformist camp. Yesterday it was announced that she has been disqualified by the Guardian Council.

Zargarpour said on March 19 he received the disqualification letter for Khaleghi issued by the Guardian Council and has already informed the president and called for an explanation regarding this matter.

He added that Khaleghi is currently appealing the matter, and if she does not succeed in her appeal, the sixth person to win the highest votes in Isfahan will go on to take her place in Parliament.

Following the elections, the confirmed victory of 14 women and the potential addition of another six in the second round was marked as a relative victory for women in politics. The disqualification of Khaleghi raises a shadow of doubt over that perception.

Some unofficial reports have indicated that the Guardian Council based its decision to disqualify on Khaleghi’s alleged “failure to abide by the Islamic rules on trips abroad.” The council has not yet offered a formal reason for its decision.