The head of Iran’s Department of the Environment has called on all Iranians and government bodies to reduce the temperature in their homes and offices to 18 degrees Celsius.

from Ms. Ebtekar's Twitter post

from Ms. Ebtekar’s Twitter post

On her Twitter and Telegram pages, Massoumeh Ebetekar referred to the initiative as the “18 degrees challenge” and urged everyone to join it.

The message also includes letters that Ebtekar has written to the president, ministers and governors regarding the challenge.

She has called on all government heads to drop the temperature of offices, corridors and all closed spaces from 21 to 18 degrees during work hours.

Foreign Affairs Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has commended Ebtekar’s initiative as a necessary step to fight against pollution.

Tehran and several other large cities across the country have been suffering under severe air pollution in recent weeks. In Tehran, the schools have been shut down for several days as a result.

Today, for the first time in three weeks, the air pollution measured in Tehran has dropped into the acceptable range.