Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Guidance has reportedly recalled a number of books to be reviewed, even though they had already been approved for a distribution licence.


Ministry representative Abbas Salehi told reporters the recall of some books does not necessarily mean that their licences will be revoked.

Visiting the Eghbal Bookstore on Saturday March 5, Slaehi told reporters: “The recalls do not indicate a revocation of licence but it is so that we can have adequate responses to all questions that may rise, if it is discovered that in limited cases, part or all of some works may need to be revisited.”

In the lead-up to the Tehran Book Fair, the book market has been relatively active, leading to a number of comments from conservative figures against the Rohani administration’s choices in meting out book distribution licences, saying a number of published books promote excess and promiscuity.

Salehi stressed that the ministry is planning to revisit the books in order to be better able to respond to these critics.