Bahman Darolshfayi, a journalist, translator, blogger and documentary filmmaker, was arrested in Tehran on Wednesday February 3.

Bahman Darolshafayi

Bahman Darolshafayi

Darolshafayi has a background of working with the Shargh daily and several reformist newspapers such as Etemad Melli and Hamshahri.

The charges against the detained journalist have not been announced yet.

Darolshafayi returned to Iran last year after five years of collaboration with Persian BBC.

Darolshafayi’s Agh Bahman, one of the first Persian-language blogs, became a top go-to site for news in the aftermath of the 2009 presidential election.

At the height of the crackdown on election protests in December of 2009, Darolshafayi’s parents and sister were detained and interrogated by the authorities.