An opposition website reports that Faraj Kamijani, a member of the Coordination Council of the Reformist Front, has been arrested with the use of a warrant issued by the Evin Prison Court.

Faraj Kamijani

Faraj Kamijani

The report on Kaleme indicates that Kamijani was arrested at his workplace, and later both his office and home were searched and his computer and documents confiscated.

Kamijani had recently participated in the election meeting of the reformist councils.

As reformists continue organizing across the country to campaign for the coming parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections, conservative factions are becoming more and more extreme in their reaction to the reformist activities.

The reformists have formed the Supreme Council of Reformist Policy, which has divided the country into 11 segments and appointed a prominent reformist figure to guide the election activities for each area. Kamijani was in charge of one of these areas.