The lawyer for Iranian MP Ali Motahari reports that the proceedings against eight suspects charged with attacking the MP in Shiraz will take place on October 7.


Eleven people have been charged in this matter, including a university president, his deputy and a student, but these proceedings will only involve the eight people charged with actually attacking Motahari,

According to the Tasnim website, Mostafa Torkhamadani said on Monday September 21 that during previous proceedings in August, the president of Shiraz University, his deputy and the student who invited Motahari to give his speech presented their defence.

Motahari’s lawyer says he has filed complaints only against the eight people who attacked him, adding that it was the prosecutor who charged the university personnel and student.

In March, Motahari was invited to speak at Shiraz University but on the day he arrived at the airport, he was attacked by a group of people who prevented him from giving his speech.
Motahri has accused the Friday Mass Imam of Shiraz of inciting violence against him.