Jailed teacher Ali Akbar Baghani, who is the deputy head of the Iranian Teachers’ Association, was released on bail from Rejai Shahr Prison on Wednesday March 16.

Ali Akbar Baghani

Ali Akbar Baghani

The Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) reports that Baghani was released at the end of his jail term and has been given a furlough before going on to serve his time in exile in Zabol.

Baghani was sentenced to one year in jail and a 10-year exile for the charge of “propaganda against the regime”.

Baghani was arrested together with Esmail Abdi and Mahmoud Beheshti after the Central Council meeting of the teachers’ union in 2011, and after two months in solitary, he was released on bail pending his trial and sentencing.

Iranian teachers have staged widespread protests across the country demanding pay parity with other public employees. Many of their organizers have faced arrests and prosecution for their protests.