One million cubic metres of lumber is taken annually from Zagros forests, according to Lorestan Natural Resources.


Majid Tavakoli told ISNA on Saturday March 5 that the wood is used for heating purposes and added that “cutting and lopping trees” for either heating or to provide food for stock is the chief cause of the deterioration of Zagros forests.

Tavakoli stressed that lopping has transformed the shape of the trees, reducing their height and increasing the tree trunks.

Oak is the most common tree growing in western Iran, especially in the Zagros region. The oak forests begin in Western Azerbaijan in the northwest and stretch through 10 provinces along the western portion of the country.

Over six million hectares in area, the Zagros forests make up 40 percent of Iran’s forests.

In recent years, the increase in dust storms has also affected the western forests, covering tree leaves and impeding their natural processes. Meanwhile, an increase in forest fires in recent year and growing drought have also dealt serious blows to Iranian forests.