Iran’s parliamentary speaker, visiting Iraq to attend the Inter-parliamentary Summit of Islamic Countries, said the door is still open for diplomacy with Saudi Arabia.

Ali Larijani (left) in Baghdad

Ali Larijani (left) in Baghdad

Ali Larijani told IRNA on Sunday January 25: “Iran has never pursued policies that might cause the erosion or weakening of an Islamic country.”

The Inter-parliamentary Summit of Islamic Counties will end its six days of meetings on Monday January 25 and issue a statement.

Larijani told IRNA that the agenda included the “hot topics of the region” including the Syrian crisis.

He also commented on recent tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia, stressing once more that Iran has “no desire to harm or weaken the position of Saudi Arabia.”

Tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia have intensified since the execution of Shia Saudi activist Sheikh Al-Nimr was condemned by Iranian authorities and Saudis responded by describing the Iranian stance as interference in Arab affairs and accusing it of supporting terrorism.

Meanwhile, protesters in Tehran and Mashhad attacked the Saudi embassy and consulate, leading Saudi Arabia to completely sever diplomatic relations with Iran.

Forty countries are taking part in the Inter-parliamentary Summit of Islamic Countries. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Bahrain are not among the participants.