The Iranian president has reacted to the widespread disqualification of Parliamentary candidates by the Guardian Council, saying you cannot bar a political group that has 10 million followers in the country from Parliament.

Hassan Rohani

Hassan Rohani

In a speech in Tehran on Thursday January 22, Rohani said the most challenging task of his administration is to ensure the elections for Parliament and the Assembly of Experts are carried out in accordance with the constitution, ensuring the widespread participation of the public as the Supreme Leader has recommended.

Rohani said the elections must be held in an “impartial, orderly, secure and openly competitive” atmosphere in order to heed Ayatollah Khamenei’s recommendations regarding public participation.

He stressed that Parliament is the “home of the people” and cannot be overtaken by only one faction.

While the official list of approved candidates for running in the parliamentary elections has not been made public, some reports indicate that the majority of people registered have been disqualified and reformists comprise the majority of disqualifications.