Iran’s Intelligence Minister says his ministry has identified the targets of “enemy infiltrators” and is aware of “their priorities in attacking the regime”.

Mahmoud Alavi

Mahmoud Alavi

ILNA reports that on Sunday November 15, Mahmoud Alavi spoke at a General Security conference and referred to recent warnings by Ayatollah Khamenei regarding the “enemy infiltration”. He said the risk of infiltration is high in view of the “new regional circumstances” and pinpointed “the arena of soft war” as the greatest threat.

He said “hostile elements” and “foreign intelligence agents” are exploiting various “fronts and capacities to infiltrate the country and establish a presence.”

Ever since the nuclear agreement was finalized in Geneva last July, Iran’s Supreme Leader has issued a series of warnings about the “dangers of infiltration” by the West, especially through cultural and social channels. Hardliners have used those statements to fight any attempts to normalize relations with the U.S. and the West in general.

Iranian President, Hassan Rohani has criticized the recent arrest of five journalists accused of having links to “the enemy’s infiltration plans” and said the term “infiltration” should not be used as an excuse to settle scores and silence opposition.

Meanwhile, Alavi mentioned recent terrorist attacks in Beirut, saying the country’s priority in the “arena of hard war” is “to maintain security against the Takfiri terrorists”. The Iranian establishment refers to ISIS forces as Takfiris (apostates).

On Thursday, two suicide bombers killed 43 people and injured 239 others. The two bombs struck within 150 meters (490 feet) of each other and were detonated five minutes apart in the Bourj al-Barajneh district in southern Beirut. ISIS took responsibility for the attacks.

The Iranian foreign minister said the government sees these bombings “as serious warnings”.